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There's actually no call for Auditions to apply to the Ballet de Catalunya

The Ballet de Catalunya currently has actually 10 vacancies for the Trainee Group.

If you are actually available and interested on be a member of our Trainee Group, you may request a Private Audition by writing to [email protected] The request will be reviewed by our team and we will let you know if you have been accepted for an audition in person.
To request a Private Audition you must attach the following information:
  1. - Headshoot
  2. - Link with a video (Youtube or Vimeo).
  3. - Curriculum (must include the school where you made your professional training)

The objective is to find the maximum talented dancers, becoming a benchmark and recognizable name thanks to the diversified group of professionals made up of: Professional Dancers, Apprentices, Trainee 1 and Trainee 2.


The auditions will take place as many times necessary until all the vacancies are filled or when new vacancies appear.

Auditions are listed on our website, professional webs, BNC social networks and our newsletter.


Centre Cultural de Terrassa.
Rambla d’Egara, 340






In order to qualify for a position within BNC, we offer different contractual options, depending on the candidate’s level of professional experience.

However, the goal of BNC is to accommodate the highest level of talent, whether a student has achieved a professional degree or not. For this reason, we have formulas that allow us to offer an alternative to all those young people who are in the last stages of their training to become professionals by taking advantage of our own training programs, while at the same time acquiring the experience necessary for the quick incorporation into the labor market.

BNC offers fixed employment contracts, temporary work contracts for services and part-time internships for those who are recent graduates (apprentices). Candidates who are eligible for these contracts must be professionals, with or without experience.

BNC offers the Trainee Program for talented students from 16-22 years, with clear options to qualify for a position in our company and for those who take part in this program, to receive the necessary experience to facilitate their acceptance once receiving the appropriate degree.

If you are not a professional dancer, you can enter the Trainee Program through an audition


The requirements to qualify for a position as a professional dancer or apprentice within BNC are the following:

  • Minimum age 16 years
  • Very high level of technique
  • High level in classical and neoclassical ballet
  • CV must include height, weight and nationality
  • 3 photos, one face & two body with dance clothing
  • Provide us with a link to a video no longer than 10 minutes to observe ballet practice (repertoire variation or ballet class).
  • Dancers who have been selected, will be informed by email and invited to an in-person audition



BNC currently has 30 positions for professional dances that provide different levels of contracts:

Professional dancers with experience:

  • Full-time contracts with sufficient professional dance experience
  • Fixed part-time contracts with sufficient professional dance
  • Licensed apprentices
  • Part-time internship contracts for newly qualified dancers with or without experience

BNC is also going to have more vacancies in the future, depending on the ballets that are programmed for the season. For this reason, candidates will be evaluated at their auditions for contact in the future for determined periods of 3-4 months, depending on the duration of rehearsals and performances.

  • Temporary work contracts (indeterminate time): Professional dancers or apprentices who will be hired for certain works where a higher number of dancers are required than those available on the current company roster.



  • There are vacancies for extras in certain works. There are positions for professional dancers with different levels according to the role required. There are also roles for character dancers or candidates who don’t necessarily need to be dancers. You can submit your resume to: [email protected]


The contract conditions are those established by current legislation in force according to the position occupied by the dancer, determined by the statute of stage and dance which stipulates the rights and obligations for both parties which form the work relationship, as well as the minimum economic conditions contained therein.


  • The intention of the artistic director of BNC is to create a roster of dancers where their well-being, aspirations and personal development are taken into account in order to promote their full artistic and professional achievement.
  • Additional private insurance.
  • Fixed part-time: Advantageous conditions in the workshops, master classes and daily classes with our artistic direction and teachers of the company.
  • Apprentices: Rights to receive classes and daily training.
  • Help to secure apartments near the company residence and in preferential conditions.
  • Dining service available (paid by dancer)


  1. Acceptance: Once you have passed the audition, your acceptance and position will be communicated to you.
  2. Interview and signing: The candidate will be asked to attend an interview in order to go over the conditions of the contract to be sure everything is in accordance with current legislation and then sign the contract which will bind both parties under the new employment relationship.


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