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Study the dance you like the most. We offer various specialties that we believe will allow you to enjoy many types of dance while developing a deeper artistry and discipline. These classes are an ideal complement in the event that you have studied or are currently studying ballet.


The character and strength of Spanish dance comes from our deepest roots, whether being originally from Spain or the fruit of the multicultural coexistence in our country.

Our teachers bring their professional experience in Spanish dance with a deep understanding and unparalleled passion for this art that is admired throughout the world. In addition to the dance training by our teachers, you will also become familiar with various complements such as castanets, shoes, skirts and other aspects of this exciting style of dance.

Wednesday & Friday: 12.00 to 13.00



Jazz dance is shaped by multiple forms and styles of dynamic and rhythmic movements, that despite its long history, has never lost the capacity for evolution and modernity. Developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century, it is still popular today although in many places it has been replaced by new trends and popular fashions. Our teaching team focuses on authentic and musical jazz interpretations and movements aimed at a wide and diverse audience that offers a complete and rewarding result.

Level 1: Tuesday & Thursday:  20.00 to 21.00


Contemporary dance is a discipline that encompasses a multitude of variations that usually reflect the choreographer’s personal style and technique. In our classes, we bring a variety of teachers and invited choreographers to impart their knowledge and styles to create a class with diverse and varied training. Contemporary dance is understood through an evolution of a foundation of classical ballet, requiring careful work and specific professional preparation.

Advanced Level: Tuesday & Thursday:  11.15 to 12.45


Rhythm and percussion define this unique dance style that attracts both young and old alike because of its naturalness and musicality. One can study this discipline without any previous dance training.

Born out of the necessity for African American slaves to be able to communicate between themselves without being discovered, this dance evolved to include clapboards and special sounds around 1902. In the 1920s, American films began using tap dance in numerous musicals, starting a long tradition of tap dancing in both the cinema and theater.

Our ballet company also incorporates tap as part of the program, thanks to the contribution of our students must experiment with versatile and diverse forms of dance for a complete professional experience.

Monday & Wednesday: 21.30 to 22.30


Lindy Hop is a swing dance style for couples derived from the Charleston and popularized in New York around the 1920s by African Americans. It spread quickly throughout the United States during the 1930s before reaching other countries as well. Losing popularity during the golden age of musicals, the Lindy Hop has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years, appearing in great movies, competitions and festivals.

Level 1: Monday & Wednesday: 21.30 to 22.30

Level 2: Monday & Wednesday: 21.30 to 22.30


Yoga is an ideal activity to start the day, to combat stress and anxiety or to simply keep the body and mind in perfect balance.

Find your moment to enjoy a space where your consciousness and body will be able to connect, helping you to achieve harmony within, contributing to a fuller and more confident lifestyle.

Monday & Wednesday: 8.00 to 9.00

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