If your dream is to dance, if you believe it’s a profession with a future, we will be there to train and accompany you to reach your goal. Take the first step and learn everything that a career in dance can give you. The Catalunya Ballet Academy is the center where you can receive the best training and prepare your professional future with a complete, open and dynamic program that adapts to the needs of the student, thanks to our team of professionals from international schools and dance companies.


10 - 18 years old


8 levels & 2 cycles


from 3.500€/year


Experience & opportunities


The academic calendar of the Academy of the Ballet de Catalunya (ABC) begins in September and ends in June.

The educational program consists of 8 levels organized in two cycles:

  • Elementary Cycle: Includes 1, 2, 3 and 4 levels
  • Superior Cycle: Includes Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Pre-Advanced y Advanced level

Every two levels makes up a Training Level in which students must remain at least two years with the same program. The training levels are differentiated by the content and subjects allocated in the weekly hours.

Students are assigned to the level that corresponds to them based on age, initial level and ability or learning ability.

  • TRAINING I: Level 1 and Level 2. Days/Week 3 (5th-6th Primary School)
  • TRAINING II: Level 3 and Level 4. Days/Week 4 (1st – 2nd Junior High School)
  • TRAINING III: Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. Days/Week 5-6 (3rd – 4th Junior High School)
  • TRAINING IV: Pre-Advanced y Advanced. Days/Week 6 (High School)

Each academic grade consists of two evaluations per course that parents will receive.

In order to pass each academic level to move to the next level, the student must have met the requirements for both evaluations that are based on technical aptitudes, desire and physical development.


The main objective of the academy is to train dancers with a versatile style and be able to adapt to any type of movement, style of choreography and ballet company.

Above all, we strive to train dancers who can join our professional company, encouraging young talents to have the opportunity to develop their career in our country, with the final objective to increase the level of classical ballet in Catalunya.

We offer a Diploma to students at the end of the course who have graduated from ABC for entrance into a professional career in dance with maximum possibilities.



  • A dynamic and open training program, designed on the models and techniques used today in the best international ballet schools.
  • Special training for male dancers: ABC promotes and facilitates training for male dancers with a teaching team of the highest level of professional experience.
  • All students have the opportunity to be seen by visiting choreographers, teachers, dancers and artist directors from international companies during their training, increasing their possibilities to find a position within a ballet company upon completion of their training
  • Students can enjoy the added bonus of our associations with major academies throughout the world, making it possible to participate in various, specialized training programs at these schools, enhancing their professional training with new styles and versatility as a dancer
  • Increases the recruitment possibilities of our students in national companies, specifically in the BNC.
  • ABC also maintains a reciprocal collaboration agreement with large companies around the world, allowing the graduates greater opportunities in the world of dance
  • One such opportunity is to obtain a position in the Trainee Program and to be an intern in the same company
  • Enables all students to learn about the daily lifestyle of a professional dancer from the initial stages of training that allows a young, promising dancer to have a realistic concept of a career in dance
  • A program that takes into account that not all dancers will end up with a career as a professional dancer but can count on many other career opportunities related to the world of dance.
  • The training covers the areas of interpretation, choreography and pedagogy, keeping in mind other directions for a possible career in dance, depending on the capabilities of the student.
  • The ABC training program also incorporates a wide rang of benefits, allowing our students to receive the highest level of professional training without forgetting the other aspects of education necessary in today’s society and ever-changing environment which is essential to a student’s development.



Each grade or training course consists of two evaluations that the student must pass.

The evaluations are done in a class organized by the teacher and at the same time with an audience and internal jury.

Results and reports 

The evaluations include:

  • Different assessments regarding each of the modalities of dance and curricular subjects
  • Psycho-pedagogical report regarding the degree of maturity and vocation of the student issued by a professional
  • The students of the Trainee Program receive an additional acknowledgement for participating in the program and for merits attained

The combination of evaluations and reports are used for the final qualification of each of the two partial evaluations.

ABC Diploma 

The ABC issues the corresponding diploma at the end of the educational stage that formalizes the capacity of the student to perform as a professional classical and contemporary dancer.

The exam to obtain the Diploma and Graduation from ABC:

The jury or external commission in this case, will be made up of 50% external and 50% internal members, which may include artistic directors or choreographers. The exam consists of various tests, including a ballet class, step by step, a repertoire variation and a contemporary improvisational test. And finally, the examination of theoretical subjects that are chosen by the jury will be presented.   Although the presence of an external jury may favor the promotion of our students to other companies, ABC students will always have priority to join the BCN according to internal graduation procedure.


Postgraduate Guidance 

Not only does our center help our students to reach their dream of becoming a professional dancer, but we also help guide those who might be looking for alternative careers in the world of dance. The degrees issued by ABC train the students for professions in dance, choreography and dance pedagogy. For other career opportunities, ABC has corresponding recommendations that help facilitate the entry of their students to other centers and according to the vocation of their choice and expectations that may arise throughout their career. .


The training program consists of 8 grades and 2 training cycles. The costs vary as the level increases.

The cost of the course consists of:

  • Annual registration: 500€, which includes
    • Private insurance 
    • Right to use dressing rooms for performances
    • 2 leotards and 2 pairs of tights for uniform: girls
    • 2 t-shirts and 2 pairs of tights for uniform: boys
    • Supplementary activities on Saturday
    • Coach, psychologist (standard program)
    • Performances and transportation

Under no circumstances is the registration fee refundable in the event the student quits the course once the registration has been formalized.

The registration fees are meant to cover specific costs that cannot be recouped once the student forfeits their place in the academy and the school must assume this loss.

The registration becomes effective at the time of enrollment or in two installments (50% at the time of enrollment and 50% within 60 days after enrollment).

  • Monthly Fee: Consists of 10 monthly payments with the possibility to spread them over a 12-month period.

The monthly fee includes: All the program established in the schedules, all activities, performances required by the curriculum of the course and programmed within the academic center and in the Cultural Center of Terrassa, which are voluntary and/or part of the training and evaluation.

Not included: Shows or activities outside the center (even if mandatory as part of the course), transportation, intensive courses taking place during academic holidays. This would be the case of going to see ballet performances, participating in dance competitions, exchange programs, etc. However, ABC offers special prices for these activities – both for the students and their families


(10/12 months)    
TRAINING I   (Level 1,  2) 90 € 210 €
TRANINING II  (Level 3, 4) 110 € 260 €
TRAINING III  (Level 5, 6) 120 € 300 € 
TRAINING IV (Level 7, 8) 500 € 500 €
TRAINEE PROGRAM  (Level 7 , 8) 500 € 750 €

Information about Scholarships to the Professional Program 

Scholarships of 60%, 80% y 100% are given based on the following criteria:

  • Financial resources of the student’s family 
  • Audition results 

In the case of being interested in our scholarships, the registration form must be completed and the corresponding section must be filled in and the required documentation must be attached

ABC offers resources designated to the financing of our training courses, with the purpose of softening the cost of monthly payments and/or registration fees. The repayment terms for this funding range from 2-5 years and with financial conditions advantageous to our students.
You can also choose to pay the monthly tuition fees in 12 monthly installments at no additional cost in place of the 10 academic months of the school year, September to June (except in the first year being October to June).

If you are interested in this service or receiving information about it, you must mark the corresponding section on the registration form.


The admission to the Professional Program will only be made to students in the age of 14 or more and during the first week of september. All students will be accepted but they can be moved to another level after the results of the audition.

You can proceed with registration or ask for more info, after fill this form:

    We'll contact with you in order to formalize your registration or inform you about any questions.


    TRAINING I (1 & 2 Grades) 5è - 6è


    9.30 - 11.30 ballet class
    4.00 - 5.30pm
    5.45 - 7.15 ballet class ballet class  ballet class


    TRAINING II (3 & 4 Grades) 1r - 2n ESO


    9.30 - 11.30 am ballet class
    4.00 - 5.30 pm  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class


    TRAINING III (5 & 6 Grades) 3r - 4t ESO


    11.30 - 1.30pm ballet class
    4.00- 5.30pm  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class
    4.00- 7.00pm ballet class


    TRAINING IV (7 & 8 Grades) Batxillerat

    11.30- 1.30pm ballet class
    12.00- 1.30pm  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class  ballet class
    2.30 - 4.00pm Cotemporary Neoclassic Contemporary Neoclassic Spanish dance


    Associated Programs

    AUDITIONS 2021/2022

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