We offer programs adapted to schools in order to raise interest and knowledge about dance. The program Dance in the School is a way for us to increase awareness and address the questions concerning young people about this discipline, free from the prejudices that often accompany attitudes towards dance. It’s directed to children at a young age with the hope to improve and aid in their development by adding something new to their educational process.

Programs are aimed at preschools, primary and secondary schools.


Dance is one of the artistic disciplines with greater capacity to integrate and motivate people regardless of their condition.

Everyone has the ability to dance and for this reason, we approach all people who are able to manifest the artistic capacity and talent they possess by assisting in the development and education of dance by facilitating the connection between the mind and corporal movement.

Oftentimes people who are handicapped have great artistic abilities that are not yet discovered and through dance, we want to help them obtain greater personal progress and satisfaction through the discovery of these talents


Many studies support the idea that art can be used as a solution to helping those with social problems, social integration, reintegration, vulnerability and others, by reinforcing values such as self-esteem, sense of belonging and equality through dance.

With our social project, we offer services with the aim of assisting in the integration of groups who are at risk of exclusion and vulnerability. Our professionals design programs with institutions that work on improving integration programs and rely on dance as a means to enhance and achieve their goals.

The formulas of collaboration are diverse: performances, classes, common projects and creation of contacts.


Senior Citizens are one of the larges audiences of dance. The ease of perception in the elderly favors and improves the recovery of their emotional bonds, perception and including their physical condition for those who begin to practice the art of dance.

Our project also includes activities to facilitate the access to dance to those who are still unaware of or have no current access to it. These activities are oriented towards classes for the elderly by bringing dance to senior residences, aiding in the attendance to performances and providing information to this group of people.


We offer a program directed at educating the public interested in dance with the objective of increasing knowledge about everything it represents – the origin of classical ballet, its history and evolution, the meaning of the repertoire, great choreographers throughout history, the classics, neoclassical and contemporary dance, their future and coexistence, as well as promoting in parallel the critical spirit to the audience and of course, about the dancers we are training.

We organize talks, courses and round tables with the goal of promoting the culture of dance and incorporating it into our society as part of artistic education.

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