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If you are a talented student between the ages of 16 and 22 and your goal is to become a professional dancer, we have a program designed especially for you. It’s a program where excellence and professionalism are the pillars with the main objective to gain the necessary experience to enjoy great opportunities such as become a member of the Catalunya Ballet


16 - 22 years old


2 academic years




Work with the Company


It’s a pioneering program with the aim of uniting highly talented students who are in their final years of training.

The program is composed of the best students in the academy and also by students from other schools from ages 16-22 and who have passed the corresponding audition.

It combines training by the highest caliber of professional teachers, together with the practices of the company, to bring experience and professionalism to the students for whom it is expected will join the Catalunya Ballet Company.

The duration of the Trainee Program is from 2 to 4 academic years.

Currently the Trainee Program is subdivided into 2 differentiated programs:

TRAINEE 1: His day is the same as that of the company, and he participates in all productions as a dance corps, although he can occasionally assume solo roles.

TRAINEE 2: Program that includes more hours of technical preparation, and a different working day of that of the company. They can occasionally participate in some productions of the BNC, but they have their own production program. The minimum age to be part of the Trainee 2 Group is 16 years, so that students of 7th or 8th grade can be called to this group based on technical and artistic criteria assessed in the corresponding audition or by consideration of the Artistic Direction.


The Trainee Program offers young aspiring dancers:

  • An outstanding program of technical-artistic development combined with training with the BNC
  • Collaboration and follow-up of the students in their transition to a professional environment.
  • Different employment opportunities such as a contract with BNC or another professional company thanks to their contacts and collaboration agreements.
  • A degree issued by our academy recognizing the completion of the program, granting additional recognition to facilitate the student incorporation into the labor market.

In the near future, the idea of the Trainee Group is to provide trained students who will make up the majority of the BNC company, composed mainly of students from this program.



  • A program of performances and own productions
  • Choreographies created by currently renowned choreographers.
  • Opportunities to work together with the BNC in all of their productions
  • The teaching and artistic team are shared between the academy and the professional dance company, with the occasional incorporation of dancers from within the training team.
  • Participation of guest teachers from international ballet companies
  • Access to an Exchange Program with other international dance academies. .
  • Paid performances (50€)


Cost of the Trainee program: 8.000€: 

  • Annual Registration Fee: 500€ 
  • Monthly Fee: 750€ (10 months)



Applicants to the Trainee Group will have access to a scholarship program designed specifically for them. The entrance to this top-level academy shouldn’t be blocked by the economical situation of the student. Special scholarship funds are provided by individuals or other entities to allow highly talented students to participate in this program. These students will form the base of dancers who will continue to form our dance company.

The scholarship fund that is available for the Trainee Group will be published in this section with regular updates, as well as the person or entity that is financing the fund.

All students who pass the audition are eligible for the Trainee Scholarship. However, eligibility for a scholarship is based on the following priorities:

  • Candidate’s family economical situation
  • Marks received in the audition 
  • The distance from the candidate’s home, which obliges them to move and pay the costs of accommodation 

Also, we will work to obtain scholarships for these types of students to be able to reduce the costs of additional services.


The auditions to be eligible for a place in the Trainee Program will be together with other auditions to join the academy.

Candidates who want to be part of the trainee group will be presented together with other students entering the academy for courses and older age groups. In the event that the student only wants to attend the academy, they may be offered a place in the Trainee Program when deemed appropriate by the staff. In any case, students are free to choose the program that they desire.



To be able to participate in the Trainee Program, the following requirements are necessary:

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Have completed the compulsory education from home country
  • Pass the audition specified for this program
  • Recommended: Completed an advance level of professional ballet studies with a certificate issued by the academy or training center for at least the previous four years prior to the application for this program, including assessment and/or recommendations from the center’s teachers or director and their identification.
  • Parental or guardian approval (minors under the age of 18) explicitly for the Trainee Program.


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