We offer a wide range of facilities and services so the student only has to focus on their dance training and personal growth. 
Terrassa is a city with great cultural traditions and a strong educational system. It’s also a university city, home to festivals and parties with a long, historical tradition. 
The Catalunya Ballet Foundation and the Terrassa City Hall work together to ensure that our young people and all citizens can enjoy the best services, taking into account their well-being and promoting an optimum environment for art, culture and education, which are the basis of a productive society. We work to support the talent necessary to achieve excellence in all these areas. 






ABC offers an educational program through agreements with surrounding schools to provide a program adapted to the needs and responsibilities of students who are training to become professional dancers while at the same time receiving their compulsory education.

Combined in a practical and efficient manner, providing security and peace for both the student and the parents, it is an essential aspect of our program that has been designed with the long-term the future of these young, aspiring dancers in mind.

Information and links to participating schools will be provided soon.

ABC offers tutors who accompany the students throughout their educational stages since they are far from their families.

Advanced students will have classes that try to coincide with the school hours. Once they reach the higher levels, it becomes impossible to have a compatible schedule. For this reason, ABC is working on its own training program that will include high school level studies on campus in collaboration with a local school to provide these classes on-campus. Until this project is completed, we offer tutors and follow-up for those students who are taking long-distance courses to be compatible with their dance training. 


Student Residences - Apartments – Host Families  

ABC offers various options to welcome students who have moved to Terrassa to attend the training program. 

The rules and regulations to be followed by the students using this service are very strict with the purpose of safeguarding the students and the objectives of their training program. It is necessary because ABC assumes the responsibility of the education and safety of the students. These rules cover the following aspects:

Behavior rules for students living outside the environment of our centers:

  • Compliance with established night schedules
  • Compliance of the rules for weekend activities, whether previously established or modified and communicated to the student by the personnel who is responsible for the students. 
  • Social and leisure activities consistent with the activities and training received at the academy. 
  • Take care of one’s health as considered appropriate and monitored by our staff at all times.
  • Obey the assigned staff members at all times. 

Shared apartments 

ABC offers the older students the possibility of living in shared apartments with unbeatable economic conditions.

The academy has shared apartments available to students who are 18 years and older, including a cleaning service. In the event that other services are required, an extra cost will be incurred.

ABC has a staff that will be in charge of monitoring all students who reside in apartments in order to enforce the appropriate behavior, in accordance with the program and internal regulations.

There are also apartments available for students 16 years and older with a minimum of six students who request it since a staff member is necessary to be present at all times. The cost is subject to the number of students sharing a single apartment. .

RESA Residence 

ABC offers 8 places in the Residencia Hipatia de la Cadena Resa, with all the advantages and services that this residence offers. It is 20 minutes from the academy by foot and 10 minutes by train. 

Host Families 

This is the most recommended option for younger students. Our host families are chosen by strict criteria and great trust. We try to have host families who are near another student or families with children to assure the students quick and easy integration. The monitoring and communication is ongoing at all times with the host families and our professionals. 


ABC offers resources designated to the financing of our training courses, with the purpose of softening the cost of monthly payments and/or registration fees. The repayment terms for this funding range from 2-5 years and with financial conditions advantageous to our students.
You can also choose to pay the monthly tuition fees in 12 monthly installments at no additional cost in place of the 10 academic months of the school year, September to June (except in the first year being October to June).

If you are interested in this service or receiving information about it, you must mark the corresponding section on the registration form.



The extra-curricular activities are those that do not directly form a part of the training program but are designed to create and foster their interest in dance beyond the standard training.

These activities are intended to promote the love of dance, audience creation, critical spirit and understanding of this discipline and performing arts in general, starting with the same students who practice it, in parallel as spectators. In this sense, our teachers will be present in this process to evaluate and guide the students in the correct perception and training as spectators and creators.

Some of these actives that require a minimum participation are:

  • Dance or ballet performances
  • Dance competitions
  • Choreographic creation workshops
  • Lectures given at the academy or elsewhere

These activities can be promoted by our academy or the student can carry them out on their own by accrediting their participation.

ABC promises to provide activities and information on all kinds of dance events that take place in the surrounding and outside areas and will facilitate, promote and organize outings from our center and encourage the students and family to participate.


We offer daily dining service for all students who require it.

It is also available to students in the morning and afternoon who may want to use it before or after school. Students under the age of 18 and living in a residence or with a host family, must make use of this facility.

The menus are made by professional staff specialized in nutrition and adapted to the age and stage of development of the students and according to the activities that their training entails.

There is a supervisory staff during meals for younger students.


ABC offers the students a chance to put into practice what they are learning, allowing them to acquire experience from a young age. By working with professionals from the world of dance, it provides an advantage to the students to see what a career in dance can be like through observation and participation.
It’s just one example of how the students get a realistic conception of the life of a professional dance career, adding to their motivation

Competitions and Promotion
Our concept of training is not only in the area of academics and practice, but also infused with the experience gained through competitions that are held throughout the year at international institutions. This allows the students to be evaluated by a top-level jury, allowing them to promote themselves throughout their professional dance training to a broader audience. Our teaching and artistic team already collaborates in world-class competitions, which undoubtedly means that our presence is essential

Our academy of the Catalunya Ballet this experience to the students at every level of studies:

  • Elementary Cycle: ABC strengthens the ability of a young dancer to put their innate artistic talent into practice while allowing them to show the best of themselves and have fun, regardless of the technical level they have acquired. For this reason, occasional participation in non-curricular workshops, competitions and experimental programs form a part of our educational project from the beginning of their studies
  • Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate: Students who have acquired adequate technique and more consistent artistic capabilities will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of customized productions, presence in international competitions, initial experiences with guest teachers and choreographers that offer master classes for our students as well as workshops or exhibitions that allow the students to test their own choreographic abilities.
  • Pre-Advanced & Advanced: The highest levels at the academy will have the opportunity to be part of the Trainee Group where they can enjoy the experience almost identical to that of a professional dancer.

Students in the advanced levels who do not participate in the Trainee Program receive the experience component as part of their courses because it is especially relevant to obtain their diploma that will allow them to enter the world of professional dance with the highest level of preparation.


In order to take full advantage of our training course, we developed a method that is based on the constant interaction between those responsible for the formative environments where the student is present. These are: parents or guardian, director of education/head of ABC studies and the school or institute where the student receives compulsory education.

The coordination and collaboration between these agents is constant and necessary. This system measures the evaluations of ABC, the reports from professionals about the personal development of the student, the academic
results (primary, secondary or high school) and their combined and global treatment through tutorials with the parents/guardian.

The Tutorial system at ABC consists of two annual interviews coinciding with the completion of the two evaluations, either face-to-face and in the event it’s not possible, by videoconference. ABC or the parents/guardian may request additional meetings at any time during the course as they see fit. In the case of the students residing with host families, the tutorials are adapted to the personal situation of each student, and in turn, the role of the host family is also considered essential in order to provide the best collaborative effort.


Catalunya Ballet Academy provides a wide range of services related to the safeguard and health of its students.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE: From the moment the student is admitted to our center, a certificate from a licensed professional is necessary to show that a student is physically healthy and ready to participate in the program.

PRIVATE INSURANCE: ABC provides private medical insurance for all its students that includes access to specialists from all areas and can be used at any time.

ABC provides a list of professionals who are designated to ensure the physical, emotional and psychological health of all the students. These professionals have weekly contact with all students enrolled in the program at no additional cost: Psychologist, Coach, Nutritionist and Physiotherapist. This group may increase in accordance with the necessities of the students. In addition, there are sporadic informational sessions with the students that are designed to be appropriate for each age group.

The professionals at our academy can reveal possible problems that are identified with changes in attitude or state of mind of the students and discuss with the parents/guardian the necessity to seek additional treatment outside our center.



Sale of dance products at special prices: We offer a unique and exclusive dance shop that carries all items necessary for dance students. All uniforms required for classes are only supplied at this shop and must be acquired for compulsory works.

Mandatory uniform: leotards (girls) and thigts, black tights and white t-shirt (boys). At the beginning of the course two units of each of these products are given to the students.

Optional uniform material: tracksuit, t-shirts, equipment bag, merchandising products.

Practice wear: Sold at special prices due to the constant wear and tear caused by daily use.


ABC provides the necessary costumes for performances, festivals, workshops, activities and competitions. Students must pay a fee for their use and will be billed at the end of the month. The center is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the costumes. The use of costumes corresponds to all students as well as controlling their usage throughout the year.


Our center provides staff for various services when supervision is necessary. We refer to all situations where the minor students are outside of the training schedule and perform other activities or transportation.


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