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The Catalunya Ballet Academy is the professional training center of classical dance for the Catalunya Ballet.


Catalunya Ballet Academy

The Catalunya Ballet Academy was created with the aim of covering a wide scope for the diffusion of dance to the whole society. Its activity, combined alongside that of the ballet company, is focused on instilling the art and discipline of dance to the maximum extent. By creating a diverse program adapted to the needs, concerns and capacities of a wide diversity of social groups, the academy strives to enhance the education, knowledge and critical spirit of all dance students.

What we offer?


Quality is the foundation of all our services and programs, with the ultimate objective being the improvement of the cultural, social and educational structures of our country through the discipline of classical dance.


We offer a large diversity of resources in order to provide our future dancers with the highest level of professional training. In addition to dance training, compulsory schooling is included in their education, taking advantage of all the facilities and mechanisms available through our institutions


We also offer services to all society, whatever their condition, including a diversity of activities that provide the widest diffusion of dance and performance arts available. Any individual or entity can discover with us a great variety of services adapted to their needs and vocations, as well as explore new formulas that promote and enrich this offer.


For us, collaboration is an essential mechanism necessary to achieve our goals.
In addition to our academy, there are many people, entities and organizations that aspire to achieve the same final goals. By combining our assets, resources, efforts and projects, we can achieve a greater collective generosity for society who will be the beneficiaries of these institutions.

The Academy Programs

The Catalunya Ballet Academy promotes dance studies through 4 principal programs

Trainee Program

This program is aimed at talented students who are in the final stage of their
training. It’s an important tool for young people who were selected to receive
training that is based on excellence with great professionals, renowned teachers
and choreographers.
With a combined training using the same techniques employed by the BNC, this
program allows the students to receive a degree issued by our academy with the
explicit recognition of participation in the program, favoring their access to the
labor market, beginning with the option for a position in the BNC

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Professional Program

Aimed at all those young people who want to become professional dancers with the conviction that this is a career with a future and good opportunities.
A program designed to attract, train and retain the talent of young, aspiring dancers with a team of teachers from major international dance schools.

An open and dynamic program with exchanges, collaborations with other international schools and competitions, with the goal of attaining experience and promotion throughout the formative period that allows our students to have the greatest possible opportunities for a professional career in dance. It also includes an extensive program of scholarships with the aim of capturing the maximum level of talent in consideration of the family economic situation of the student.
Above all, our academy seeks to train students who will be promoted to professional dancers within our own ballet company, encouraging young talents to have an opportunity to develop their career in our country.

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Non Professional-Programs

The ABC has a wide range of dance and complementary activities for non
professionals. This includes everyone from children to senior citizens and more
specifically, all those groups that require a treatment adapted to promote the
achievement of their own objectives.
This program is taught by teachers and professionals with knowledge and great
experience to promote quality education and providing for the needs and
objectives of each group. Fun, knowledge, integration, health, habits and
education are all part of this program, without forgetting that dance is the main
tool and essential discipline.

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We also promote workshops aimed at specific groups with the intention to
improve physical and emotional health, whether due to natural aging physical
deficiencies or the result of diseases or disabilities of any kind.
The use of dance as a tool to improve the general health condition can have very
positive effects since contact with other people through music, movement,
control, concentration and coordination creates a very favorable environment
for correct evolution.

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Our offer is not only limited to dance training, but also to deepen and
complement the training of future dancers to become independent and with a
great capacity of knowledge in everything that this professional implies, creating
not only dancers but spectators with a criteria based on the history, meaning,
evolution and future of dance.
Our academy is also entrusted with the important task aimed at the
dissemination and creation of audiences of the performing arts in general. We
strive to offer activities that include a great variety for our students, families and
attract new potential audiences with the desire to discover a world yet unknown
through the diversity of our programs.

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