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Our mission



The great challenge of the Catalunya Ballet Foundation is to position Catalunya as a national and international reference point for the creation and diffusion of the art of dance, to establish an educational program of excellence, to capture and raise public awareness with the brand of Catalunya and Terrassa and the private and public entities that support it.

We aim to be an institution of the highest order in choreographic creations and at the same time, promote the works of great Catalan choreographers.

And finally, we want to disseminate the discipline of ballet and the cultural, social and educational values that it implies.


The founders decided to establish the Catalunya Ballet to fill a void in Catalunya that has been missing for decades – a ballet company with the capacity to represent and identify Catalunya as a center for dance with its own personality and the ability to present the great classical works of all time and also bring new, avant-guard pieces to the stage.

With the constitution of this new company, based on classical dance as its axis and precursor of any other type of modality, especially neoclassical and contemporary dance, young talented dancers from our country finally have the opportunity to be part of a national ballet company rather than join the continuous flight of Catalan and Spanish dancers to international companies.

The BNC will have the presence of internationally renowned dancers, teachers and choreographers with an original artistic program of classical, neoclassical and contemporary repertoire. The company will present works by internationally recognized choreographers as well as some of the greatest Catalan choreographers in the history of dance. We open the doors to a new generation, creating synergies with emerging or recognized Catalan companies


Illusion of seeing an artistic project in our country where classical ballet takes the lead and despite the difficulties that have prevented this for decades, achieve the goal uniting the efforts to unify resources from public and private institutions who have demonstrated great confidence in the Catalunya Ballet Foundation Project.

See the talent of our students after a long training period have the opportunity to live and perform in their own country rather than have to leave and dance in international companies. Also, to satisfy an audience that has always existed but rarely able to enjoy authentic productions of a world-class level here at home in Catalunya.
To position Catalunya as an international and national reference point for the training of professional ballet dancers as well as the creation of new choreographies promoted by an unprecedented artistic direction, enhancing Catalunya as a focal point for cultural tourism in this area.

To incorporate, support and promote choreographic works by Catalan artists.

To support to all Catalan dance professionals by offering collaborations and welcoming their projects.

Initiate the task of awareness, diffusion and reaffirmation of the discipline of ballet here and the cultural, social and educational values that it implies.

At the same time, educate the existing public with the critical spirit that will allow them to fully enjoy dance, regardless of their age or social status because of the great capacity it allows for the integration of all audiences.

Create synergies and collaborations with other artistic and cultural sectors, as well as foster the birth of an entire industry around the dance sector that does not exist today, with the goal of expanding the specialization of professionals within this market and the world of performing arts in general.


The Catalunya Ballet aims to offer a service to our society well beyond the programmed performances.

BNC seeks to broaden horizons that have not yet been explored locally and which are undoubtedly necessary to keep the Catalan dance sector integrated into the most avant-garde trends already present in much of the world. It is essential for us to enhance its values and take an active part by achieving a leading role in the generation of these new trends and consolidating our company within the international dance sector together with the best and most recognized companies.

For this reason, BNC will incorporate new works, contribute and investigate to achieve the highest innovation, originality and imagination in order to meet the most ambitious artistic goals.

Some of the most noteworthy novelties since the inception are:

Trainee Group

Graduated Apprentices

Constant invitation of teachers, choreographers, "repetiteurs" and dancers, all of whom are of the highest level and with the intent to exchange and maintain reciprocal relationships with the centers and companies where they reside.

Offering residences for emerging or already recognized companies in the country, favoring the generation of synergies that will without a doubt, achieve reciprocal artistic fruitful endeavors, along with the exchange and sharing of projects that will enrich the dancers, students and professionals alike.

Activities of the diffusion of the dance for all audiences in our headquarters and in the Cultural Center through specific programs oriented to the society around the meaning of the dance, its professional opportunities, understanding the classical works, the meaning of the repertoire and encouraging the critical spirit of the amateur audience and fans.