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The main objectives of the Catalunya Ballet Foundation are to increase awareness about ballet, create action and generate public interest.

To achieve these objectives requires time and support so that classical dance will become recognized in our country as it is in the majority of countries where this art form is part of their cultural and artistic heritage.

This support should not only come from our institutions and administrations but also from our society, those persons, entities and cultural and educational organizations interested in promoting the arts. Also, support must come from companies that identify with our objectives.

BNC needs sponsorship and sponsors that allow the development of this ambitious project.

For this reason we propose a plan to care for and provide special attention to all those individuals and companies who decide to contribute to this project


Complete the following form and we will contact you to manage the donation and welcome you to our project.





With your help, you are contributing to reaching our goals, enhancing, supporting and capturing the existing talent in our country. Also, you assist in the diffusion of dance and recognition of this art form within the cultural heritage of Catalunya.

Patronage has the following fiscal advantages:
Donations to individuals or non-profit entities have the following percentages of deduction:

1. For the first €150 of donation: 75% (Spain)
2. For donations above €150: 30% (Spain)

Furthermore, someone who has contributed in the two years immediately preceding a donation with the right to deductibility for the same amount equal to or greater than the percentage of the deduction from the first €150, it will be 35% instead of 30%. This measure rewards the loyal donors around a particular entity.

With a donation of 150€, a deduction of: 112,50 €
With a donation of 3.000€, a deduction of: 967,50€


Our friends will receive timely information about all events, activities and programs. They will also enjoy special advantages like trying a class for free. Also, additional advantages are as follows:


150 € 10% discount/2 tickets for all premieres


300 € 15% discount/2 tickets for all premieres


600 € 20% discount/2 tickets for all premieres & galas. Gift of a DVD


The partner benefactors will receive special recognition for their initial contribution to our project, becoming part of the History of the Catalunya Ballet. The minimum contribution to become a Partner Benefactor is 1.000€.
The contributions of our partner benefactors will make possible the construction of the ballet and academy headquarters. These spaces will form the origin and future history of a large institution together with all those who have donated a considerable contribution and for which our foundation will work for in order to achieve their goals.
Our Partner Benefactors enjoy the following advantages:


1.000 €: 2 tickets to one BNC premiere.  Special mention in the web "Sponsor of the Catalunya Ballet"


1.500 €: 2 tickets to two BNC premieres. Special mention in the web "Patron of the Catalunya Ballet"

Patron / Protector

2.000 €: 2 tickets to two BNC premieres. Invitation to a snack after the first premiere, meet the dancers and artistic direction. Special mention in the web "Patron / Protector of the Catalunya Ballet"

Patron / Godfather

2.500 €: 3 tickets to two BNC premieres. Invitation to a snack after the first premiere, meet the dancers and artistic direction. Special mention in the web "Patron / Godfather of the Catalunya Ballet"


Above 3.000 €, receive a special mention in the web "Patron / Godfather of the Catalunya Ballet" become a member of the Benefactor Club

Advantages for Benefactor Club members:

• Right to apply to Benefactor Board and actively participate in the project
• Invitation to all company premieres
• Reserved place in the club after the premieres and invitation to a snack (Centre Cultural Terrassa)
• Receptions with the guest dancers & the company
• Right to visit the academy and company, attend events held in our facilities such as workshops, rehearsals, presentations, among others
• Travel accompanying the company and attend premieres renowned companies.
• Other proposals from the board.
If your contribution is equal to or greater than 3.000€, you can request our budget proposal, allowing you to know all necessary information related to our project, the investment and enhancement of our goals through collaboration. You can also request an appointment without commitment.


Our project offers competitive advantages to patrons and sponsors regarding their image that will accompany all our activities and actions of the company.

The BNC intents to obtain official sponsors, to whom the future company can bring benefits in terms of the sale of their products that in turn can be commercialized through us.

If your product identifies itself by work, effort, perseverance, discipline and seriousness, our ballet company can be a great ally. Associating your image with ours can enhance these values or others that they inspire, capturing new clients for your brand.

Above all, for those who work with us year after year, we strive to achieve real quantifiable benefits, putting our assets and dancers at your disposal for your own promotions.

Entities and companies will be considered patrons if they choose to contribute the amounts established in this section. All will be mentioned in our programs and website.

For larger contributors who are considered benefactors, they will receive the budget proposal.
Loyalty to our sponsors is of the main objectives of the BNC project. We consider the constant private collaboration as well as the direct involvement of representatives of these entities to be a vital part of our organization. Exploring new fields and working towards the achievement of common goals is also one of our great challenges that we hope will result in the creation of new audiences for the performing arts.

Contact: [email protected]

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