The Nutcracker



January 2019


Duration: 2 hours aprox.
(Interlude included)

The Nutcracker

version: Marius Petipa & Lev Ivanov
Adaptation: Elias Garcia

Music de Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij
Coreography Marius Petipa & Lev Ivanov

The Catalunya Ballet premieres its first season next December with the holiday classic “The Nutcracker”, by Marius Petipa y Lev Ivanov, adapted by artistic director, Elias Garcia & associate artistic assistant, Larisa Lezhnina, prima ballerina from the Mariinsky Theatre & Het National Ballet d’Amsterdam.

The ballet premiered on the 17th of December 1892, in the legendary Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg with original choreography by Lev Ivanov, the book by Marius Petipa and music by Tchaikovsky. The first known story of the Nutcracker is based on the fairytale book by Ernst Theodor Hoffmann in 1816.

However, the story that would later give life to Tchaikovsky’s ballet derives from an adaptation by Alejandro Dumas (father) based on the text of Hoffmann.



The Nutcracker

Scene 1

In the street, the Christmas spirit is all around and the children are playing with the snow while in the houses the adults are making the final preparations for the big night.

In the Stahlbaum house the big party is about to begin. The guests arrive with gifts to a house full of the Christmas spririt. The last guest to arrive is someone that everyone was waiting for and feared by all, Drosselmeyer. Everyone believes that he is a magician but his magic is due to the Christmas Fairy and she will be responsible to light the tree, the moment everyone has been waiting for. Drosselmeyer brought a few dolls for the night, Arlechino and Colombina, who will dance for the guests, while Drosselmeyer, with his dance, will show the strange gift he brought for Clara, The Nutcracker. Clara falls in love with the story of this small doll and after imagining that she dances with him and saying goodbye to the guests, she goes to sleep.

Scene 2

Before midnight, Clara, without being seen by her parents, returns to the living room, near the tree where her mother left The Nutcracker a few hours before. Clara sees the tree begin to grow and grow, the house she is in also begins to change and without noticing she is immersed in a great battle between mice and soldiers. The captain of the soldiers finally manages to defeat the mice, thanks to the cleverness and determination of Clara.
Drosselmeyer doesn’t lose sight of Clara during the fight and as a reward, she asks him to turn the doll into a human being. Helped again by the Fairy, the Nutcracker passes through a mirror and at the same time, a Prince, dressed exactly like the doll, approaches Clara. A magical journey begins with Clara, the Prince, Drosselmeyer and the Fairy, where the first stop is the World of the Snowflakes.


El Trencanous

Scene 1

This wonderful journey takes them to a world of sweets and the Fairy and Drosselmeyer present the Prince and Clara to various countries that will dance for them.

Clara feels something changing inside and it’s the love she feels towards The Nutcracker. She begins to dance a great Pas de Deux with him. Drosselmeyer tries to get between them but in the end realizes that it’s true love between the couple.

But like everything, this wonderful and sweet moment also has its end and Clara is once again in her living room, lying near the tree with the doll on her skirt.

She notices the first rays of sunlight through the window and with her gift in her arms she realizes that everything was a dream, a sweet dream. But she also notices that she isn´t the same girl who fell asleep near the tree. She discovered that even though it was a dream, love has grown inside her and all thanks to the gift, The Nutcracker.

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