Triple Bill



28th April 2018

Triple Bill

Choreographers: Remi Wortmeyer, Katarzyna Kozielska & Artistic Direction of BNC

Music: Serguéi Prokófiev, Cliff Smalls, Mason Bates, Ryuichi Sakamoto


3rd Premiere, formed on this occasion by 3 choreographic blocks where several neoclassical pieces created especially for the Ballet de Catalunya are shown. Renowned international choreographers, Remi Wortmeyer, from the Het National Ballet and Katarzyna Kozielska, from the Stuttgart Ballet, both also active dancers in the aforementioned companies, delve into the components of the BNC to shape their creations.

Remi Wortmeyer bases his inspiration on the renowned Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, creator of neoplasticism and seeker of pure art. Remi, painter as well as dancer, starts from Mondrian's work, which seeks to find the basic structure of the universe by eliminating all forms and focusing on the weave of black lines on white and the presence of rectangles of primary colors. According to Mondrian, once arrived at the absolute real, art should no longer be necessary.

Katarzyna Kozielska, soloist of the Stuttgart Ballet, has combined the interpretation with an intense choreographic activity throughout the last seasons. Katarzyna creates depending on the dancer in front of her and she is able to change previous schemes if what she sees is asking for it. She also says that music is much more faithful to her state of mind than she is herself and her source of inspiration is the people and the city. Its choreography incorporates the sensuality and the changing rhythm of jazz, without neglecting the presence of classical aesthetics and creating a unique piece.

The third block of the program, at the hands of the Ballet de Catalunya, is conformed at the same time by two pieces: first of them created by one of the young dancers and resident choreographer of the company, Lorenzo Misuri. His Loro In Lei, evokes the great virtues of women and contrasts them with their darker side but which at the same time reaffirm them and lead to their security and fullness with the arrival of love.

By last, Leo Sorribes, presents his Fast Avance, inspired by the composer Mason Bates, recognized with the Heinz Medal for having transferred the orchestra to the digital era with his music. Techno rhythm and symphonic music encourage with this choreography to test the technical and artistic skills of the dancers and closing a very special program.


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