The BNC offers a wide range of services in order to incorporate dance into all those activities and projects that believe they can improve their products and social, cultural and educational goals by collaborating with us. 
We offer various proposals and are open to other possible collaborations where our company or professionals (dancers, teachers, directors, choreographers) can make a contribution or provide a service.  


Our seasons are presented in theaters and festivals around the world. If you are a theater, entertainment promoter or any other interested institution, contact the BNC. We can also custom design a show and adapt to events according to the needs of our customers.
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Our infrastructure is open to offering other dance companies in the country to carry out residences at our headquarters, creating a synergy that favors everyone, allowing teachers, choreographers and our students to be exposed to new talents and other professionals.

Our team, which focuses on current great professionals of dance, supports and helps other projects that come to perform in our center.

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The Catalunya Ballet carries out co-productions with external companies with the objective of offering a product of great artistic quality thanks to the collaboration of assets and talent, resulting in the creation of productions of a larger format with a more spectacular result. It also helps us to reach a wider audience and creates new contacts and opportunities with new professionals in the world of dance.


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Our teachers and artistic directors offer master classes during the company tours to both amateur and professional dance students, teachers or dance extras from productions. At the same time, we offer a high-level class together with company dancers and the possibility to attend rehearsals.

It is also possible to hire teachers for master classes for events, workshops, competitions and other events.

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The Catalunya Ballet is at the service of entities, companies or individuals who would like a performance of any kind, whether it be long or short, at their events or private parties where dance would make an excellent complement. We can also create special performances according to the needs of the client. Dance performances can be presented in multiple acts, offering a contribution of unparalleled excellence, bring class, elegance and distinction to any private or public event.

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Visiting our facilities and participating in the work of our professionals can be very rewarding. For this reason, we invite dance lovers, patrons, students and professionals to come and get to know us and receive personalized attention. We also offer the possibility to attend auditions, rehearsals and academy exams in order to see how the company works.

In order to receive information related to this type of visit, it is necessary to make prior arrangements and call in advance.

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